Wednesday, 14 May 2014

12 months

Almost exactly a year since I last ran I hit the road again on this perfect Spring night.

I wrote this note to myself last night and today I knew I had to run.

No.....not had to.

Wanted to.

I have actually been wanting to for a while but was so afraid my shoulder (unfreezing after months of painful frozen shoulder) wasn't ready.

But in the last few weeks its suddenly feeling free and almost pain free in almost full range of motion.

I did a plank in my workout on Monday with no ill effects

So I dug out my gear

and ran.

and it was awesome.

I wasn't fast, nor very graceful I am sure but I ran for 20 minutes without stopping and covered 3km.

Felt great.

So great.

I have signed up for an easy and fun 5km in September with a group of friends.

Great to have a goal.

Great to be back

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